I am a Time Warner Cable customer and understand that contracts must be negotiated that benefit both parties. However, it seems unfair that CBS is also blocking viewing access to their free website to Time Warner Cable customers.

As the end user, why am I being punished for an issue that I have no hope to resolve myself. Why may the rest of country access and view what you post for free at cbs.com when I cannot due to a dispute with my cable provider? Is this good business sense to alienate your end consumer or just a bullying technique to get what you want out of Time Warner Cable? What is the difference between what CBS is doing to their end consumer versus Mommy denying her child dessert after dinner because she got into a fight with Daddy?

Punishing Time Warner Cable customers is a low blow CBS and bottom-line a bullying tactic. With all of America understandably up in arms about our kids being bullied, why is it acceptable when a corporation bullies adults to get what they want?

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