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I have been watching BB since the beginning and is the highlight of my summer. This is I am very disappointed by how bullying is allowed in the show.

I can't believe Josh and Paul can bully ppl and it's okay. Kids watch this show. Bullying is a major issue with kids and some kids take their lives to escape it...CBS shame on you for this.

You have become no better than all the other trashy reality tv networks. I will not be watching BB ever again.

Review about: Cbs Tv Big Brother Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Where have you been the last 20 years?

Sister Sister

All That

Boy Meets World

Saved By the Bell

iCarly Hannah Montana I could go on and on. These all had elements of bullying taking place, whether against a minor character or experienced by the main. It's not that a big a deal, and the fact that you want to coverup a very real thing that happens to children shows how much you want to shelter and coddle your children.


I agree that the bullying that has gone on this season of BB is out of control. It should not be ok for house guests to do that to eachother.

Kids watch this show and it says to them that it is OK. So wrong on every level.

to Miranda #1360840

Bullying IS okay, and should be a staple in a childs growing up. I was bullied as a kid in school, my sister was bullied, my bf was bullied, and we also bullied others. What was once a normal part of a childs growth is now blown up because some weak willed kids with weak willed parents committed suicide.

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