I am 38 yoa. I had my first child at 36, and realized at this point, how disgusted with cable I was.

We immediately cancelled all cable and only carried antenna, trusting in basic tv. To my shock and disgust, all we view is violence, rape, murder, killing, it is absolutely depressing, disgusting, demoralizing toward women. I am a physician and have had several discussions with my women patients, and they state after watching TV they feel like the need prozac due to the depressive state it takes them. These are women who have young children as I do, and they too have decided to cut out all cable and TV and only use netflix, where they can monitor their programs.

Maybe take this into account when you write your next TV show. It may not matter to you, but it does matter to us!!!!!!!! I see us taking a stand soon against this type of TV. Don't we see enough on news!!!!

I don't need to see anymore sickos, who get a thrill out of tormenting indivduals, and I don't need to see all the blood, guts, and sex. Go back to the 80's where they could write real tv show , with some morals.

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