Thanksgiving day parade I found those to be the worst coverage of any Thanksgiving day parade that Macy’s has produced. Too much talking not enough seeing of the floats and or of the big balloons.

We don’t care about the New York productions we don’t care about talking to the actors, we want to see the balloons and the floats and the bands in the clowns for the Thanksgiving day parade And let’s not forget the music. And what is with all these commercials every three minutes.

We missed most of the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade because of those. We were very dissatisfied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cbs Tv Streaming Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I would like to open saying regardless of what may of happen to charlie rose , I woke up every morning looking forward to seeing him , it deeply upsets me that he is gone , I don't know if I wanna even watch the show with him not being on there , it has changed my morning.


I can't think of anything more boring or unsatisfying than a stupid parade.

CBS is a poor network anyhow - it's fallen far since the days of Walter Cronkite.

CBS = Commercial Broadcast System

CBS = Communist Broadcasting System

CBS = Can't Bring Stations (they used to have)

CBS = Crummy Boring Sitcoms CBS = Charlie Brown Station You get it. Vote with your remote and make CBS even more irrelevant than it already is.


I agree. Marching band going by and we can't hear the music because we have to hear about some actress's experience working on some show.

At least talk about the parade with the actors. There were hardly any descriptions of the balloons.


I agree! All i want to see is the parade!!!

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