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The remarks made regarding Donald Trump on the Late Show the other evening were disgraceful to say the least! How could the producers and others in chief editorial positions have allowed these remarks to be aired is beyond me.

Whether Mr. Colbert dislikes Mr. Trump or not, he should at least respect the office of the Presidency which clearly he does not! Yes, we live in a society where freedom of speech is prevalent; however, there needs to be some form of censorship when it comes to mocking and deliberately using vulgar and lewd commentaries against this president.

Would he have done the same if it had been Barack Obama? I doubt it!! Shame on Colbert and shame on CBS for allowing this filth to be aired. Mr.

Colbert is not about to apologize and should be fired or censored!! In turn, I and my family will no longer view CBS programming or support the advertisers who sponsor this Late Show!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cbs Tv The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I didn't like: Cbs is a joke, Poor taste in late night programming.

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Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States #1327295

Colbert is an ***.

He gets paid by the people who watch his show.

Why would anyone go to this extreme to *** off half your viewing audience?

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1326138

If Colbert should be fired for gross comments then fat boy Trump should also be fired

Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States #1325417

Colbert should go away. As will my viewing of any CBS airings .

Sorry but same goes for any CBS sponsor. Have an opinion , fine. Colbert crossed the line and is no longer humor but is viewed as a hit to the office of president and to speak in such a foul manor should not be tolerated by us the viewer and CBS. Shame on you CBS.

A FCC fine is not enough.


Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1325319

I really didn't think he is funny even before his rant. Now I'm thinking he thinks he is above getting fired. Also, really feel he did this thinking his ratings would go up.

Not a fan at all.


Colbert needs to be fired from CBS. I will never watch CBS or by any product advertised on his show.

Finksburg, Maryland, United States #1324684

Agree 100% with the preceding response. CBS and I have just parted ways.

Absolutely unbelievable that the executive of the network would allow that *** to be so disrespectful to our president.

You guys are disgusting. Do not expect my support in the future.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #1324679

Colbert's rant had no effect on me as I stopped watching this steaming mound of "late night entertainment" long ago. I used to record it in case I didn't want to stay up or that there might be interesting things on the show.

I stopped that long ago also. Colbert gives no respect, deserves none.

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