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I will boycott CBS and the sponsorship of this show.I will write all sponsors' and boycott their products. You have to something NOW or never watch CBS again.

Stephen Cobert is disgusting, it shows that CBS, Leslie Moonves, and Stephen Cobert will do ANYTHING for ratings. I know CBS, Leslie Moonves, and Stephen Colbert both are totally against the current president but for the good of the country you should RESPECT the office of the President of the United States. Your continued tolerance and support of this type of behavior and allowing a pre-taped, unedited show to be broadcast knowing the full content, shows that you knowingly and willing allowed and supported it!

Leslie Moonves, you should step down as Chairman and CEO of CBS immediately since you have had four days to take action and have done absolutely nothing about this disgusting form of so called entertainment! Not only am I boycotting CBS and its advertisers, but I am contacting those advertisers and stockholders and demanding the immediate removal of you, Leslie Moonves, as Chairman and CEO of CBS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cbs Tv The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tv Show.

Reason of review: disgusting Liberal biased allowed entertainment.

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Why does CBS think Cobert Is funny? You are the biggest BULLY in the playground.

What happened to entertainment? Picking and mocking our president or anything that is on the right is so funny? You have media access and this is how you use it?

Yeah, we ruined a good man. Shame on you you bully.

Mabank, Texas, United States #1324461

I respect the office of the President of the United States which is why I am disgusted to see an immature, narcissistic, misogynist, fascist in that position. For the alt-right to co-opt the term homophobic to describe Colbert's monologue is disrespectful to every *** who actually has to deal with discrimination.

Especially when you consider how much name calling Trumpski does. Thank you, Stephen Colbert, for throwing some tags back in the bullies face. And thank you for reminding us how precious free speech is. With this wannabe dictator as our chief executive, we will have to fight to keep it.

Civic minded comedians can throw shots where our mainstream media cannot. Keep 'em coming, Stephen!

to carol fleming #1325080

You, like Colbert are





pompous sullen and pateonizing You will never a ount to anything, as your angre per has won over you. crawl under your rock, take your meds and go away.

to carol fleming #1325312

You call this free speech? you have no clue what it is.

Civic minded comedians are not to be throwing hate but discussions and funny jokes.

Please learn to be civilized.

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