Two weeks in a row, CBS played other games before putting the Steelers game on. I purchased the NFL ticket primarily to watch the Steelers games. I don't really care for any other games but I still pay for the ticket. But how can I watch the games I paid for when CBS puts other games on instead of going straight to the Steelers game? That is just so wrong!

You black out the games on the 700 channels when they're broadcast on local channels. That's fine. But if the games aren't going to be started at the right time on the local channel then you shouldn't black out the game on the NFL channels. You should at least play them on the NFL channels until the local channel decides to put the game on at the appropriate time.

You should negotiate a better contract with the local channels for the NFL ticket. Or, just play them on the NFL channels like I paid for in the beginning.

I'm paying for a service that you are not providing and it is wrong in every way there is.

Review about: Cbs Tv Tv Show.

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