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another "Judge Judy" Comerricial Bonaza, at the beginning, at 9 minutes, at 19 minutes..,.and i changed the channel. Will never watch the show again, unfortunate but after I turned off Judy, then CBS am News went to 53 minutes, few days later 50 minutes.....there should be a whole chapter in the book Greedy Bastards for you guys, ask Scott with his $$$$$$ suits to be the poster boy?

Hey on a similiar subject your attempt to creat primetime soaps, instead of creative shows that stand on their own.....but require gifted and creative writers, is getting old.

oh and isn't it amazing that our local CBS in Seattle has started having Over The Air broadcasting issues...guess your MVA's are drooling over dropping OTA and going straight to cable! THINK OF THE PROFIT MARGIN$$$$$$!!!

Review about: Cbs Tv Tv Show.

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