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Dear Big Brother, The network and producers of your show are apparently as gutless as the pathetic cast of bullies you have assembled as your houseguests. It has been utterly disgraceful to witness the carnage as people with zero integrity (Paul, Alex, Josh, Christmas) have been allowed to bully others who have just wanted to come play the game.

The producers lack of backbone is right on par with your cast of cowardly punks who hide behind numbers and are allowed to insult, degrade and bully people with zero consequences. I have news for you Cody is a hero and has more courage and integrity in his little finger than all of your other idiots combined. He has accomplished more in his life already than any of them ever will - including whatever low life wins this season. Here is an idea for how the rules should go.

Have your houseguests sign a disclaimer when they enter stating, if you say or do anything in the house that would get you punched out on the street you assume those risks. That would immediately tone down the actions of cowards like Paul and Josh. I really hope your show takes a huge hit from what you have allowed to occur during this season. Cody, Jessica (also a class act) and Megan were mercilessly harassed by your cast of reprobates which is on you as much as it is them.

I have been a fan since day one but I am done. Also, please feel free to share my comments with anyone especially the cast. I dont like punks and bullies and watching their actions be condoned by your show has been nothing short of disgusting. You now represent everything that is wrong with society today!

Congratulations! Sincerely, Michael ORourke cc: Julie Chen

Product or Service Mentioned: Cbs Tv Big Brother Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Boy are you off about Cody and jess. Everything else spot on.


Really !! What has this show come to I happen to watch late night last night and apparently watched Matt and Raven having sex in the bed with the lights off under the covers blocked it out the noises were still there it was utterly disgusting...just saying come on can't you curb that ***.... I understand it's live but it's still disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hardily concur..this is the worst season ever! Gross, foul mouthed, self absorbed losers...and the rest of the season will be boring because they all like each other (except Kevin and Mark).

We watch for drama...not camaraderie, people. DONE

to MissCyndy 46 #1362547

Thanks MissCyndy - yes, these people are the worst. Those who are not bullying are condoning it by not standing up and slapping these fools.

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