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Please bring back real comedy! We can not stand to watch Colbert, it's so embarrasing to our country.

We just have to change the channel. What happened to real comedians? People want to laugh and relax, not listen to someones view on politics. Even entertainment is getting political.

I feel like the comedians are paid to entertain us not push politics down our throats......We miss comedians like Johnny Carson. It's just so sad and disappointing.

We don't care if Colbert hates trump, it is what it is but all this making fun of him is really making fun of our country!!! Which is just sad...........

Product or Service Mentioned: Cbs Tv The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Colbert is one of the root causes of the decay in our culture. There is nothing entertaining in his polarization of politics. Your sponsors are as guilty as you are!


We so totally agree with you! The ONLY late night show we enjoyed was Leno, and the idiots at NBC replaced him with that very unfunny Fallon character.

We watched the first night after he took over the show, never after that unless he is going to have Jay as a guest.

Really LOVE CBS Sports! Tuned in today to watch the first hour of their coverage of the golf tournament from Arizona, the first 46 minutes were some stupid basketball game that went overtime. Note to CBS: I don't care about basketball, pro football, or hockey.

The only sports we watch regularly are baseball and golf. When your schedule says "golf", don't give me basketball!


He is such a disgrace. He should go back to cable where he was a nothing.

He disrespects everything and thinks he’s funny. He should be removed immediately but you will leave him on as long as ratings are great. Take a stand and fire him. He is a disgrace to Catholics eveywhere.

He does not represent anything good. He disrespects the Catholic Church with his stupid confessional act. He should be fired immediately. I like your shows that aren’t politically slanted.

Please leave politics out of your programming. I know you won’t because being political these days drive your ratings.

I don’t think everyone who watches your network has a liberal slant like most media outlets. You(the media) project only one side of the story.

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