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For more than a year, I have watched every broadcast news outlet soft peddle Trump's malfeasance, lies, frauds and so much more, while going on and on about piddly nonsense about Clinton.It appears that you all are anxious to perpetuate this dangerous man's time in the spotlight and treat this election like it is a reality show. DO YOUR JOB AND highlight the real NEWS not nonsense. Take this *** to task for his actions and lies. I know that you...
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"People are mad at the wrong people, we should be annoyed with the insurance companies. They should have to pay for the drugs" 8/24/16 The drug company is issuing coupons to reduce the cost of the drug 8/25/16 8/26/16 the drug company will give a discount to needy people FACTS: The epi pen is being sold at $600 and costs them $2.00 The majority of uses are children (adults can use a syringe) Coupons will expire and the price increase will not....
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