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I have always until recently,been a fan of The Talk.But like CBS,NBC,ABC and most of Hollywood you all are very bias when it comes to the political candidates ,the ladies bash Trump for everything but not Clinton! Both candidates have their share of problems but you and the rest of the media are so one sided it sickens me.It is hard to believe that you and the rest of the media are so controlled by the Clintons/Democrats.Why aren't you and the...
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Anonymous Kudos to President Trump, you did very well on 60 minutes. Definitely not the case with Stahl.
Gotcha questions was par for the course for a bias network, that really sucke...

I am from Toronto Canada, I love The Talk but ever since you brought on Cheryl Underwood I kinda of got tired of listening to the way she speaks especially when Julie Chen is not in her chair. If you want me to be a Another fan that leaves watching The Talk than you should be planning on making a change in that getting a new co-host and getting rid of Cheryl Underwood. I really enjoy watching The Talk but when (FOR EXAMPLE a good looking actor...
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Cbs Tv The Talk Tv Show Review

How can the talk be so dumb as to actually agree with a mental patient game or say it is ok or a peeping tom Halloween window piece. But yet Sheryl and Alicia voice there tyrant about there black racist comments. What if you were making fun of a ms patient(Sharon). Cmon there are a lot of things that bother us all out here, maybe be a little More sensitive......