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You have made a grave mistake breaking up the team on Criminal Minds. You need to get on your knees and beg Hitch and Morgan to come back. I hope you lose a fortune we lost a good program with the right characters. No more CBS.
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I am a 68 year old male and a big fan of CBS Tv. with that in mind my favorite show is Criminal Minds. I have watched this show from the beginning. I am aware when stars leave after there contrac is over but I am not happy when one leaves without there reason. I am talking about Thomas Gibsen. I will not watch another episode unless you bring him back. I know I am only one viewer and you might be saying to yourself big deal he is only one...
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Everybody makes mistakes. I know CBS sure does make a lot of mistakes. My husband and I will not watch Criminal Minds again. I don't like the way you play with people lives. I think the loss of two main actors will hurt your show anyway. I feel sorry for the shows remaining actors. I also get so tired of CBS running shows past their scheduled time. It then throws all the following shows off. My DVR shows that I have a show to watch and only...
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The only reason I watch CBS is because of Criminal Minds! I have been watching that show since the beginning. Firing Thomas Gibson will be a fatal mistake! Huge mistake for CBS! I want to point out what happened to CSI when Gil left the show...killed it! The same thing for the number one watch show, Criminal Minds will happen too. Your ratings will drop dramatically! And if Criminal Minds is cancelled I may have to show up to kick the producer...
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First you take Shemar Moore off of criminal minds which was a horrible idea. Then Michael weatherly leaves ncis to start another show for cbs, and now because he was human and lost his temper you went from suspending Tom Gibson which was understandable to firing him. I have to say as much as I've loved the show since season one and all the changes your making to other shows if Tom Gibson isn't going to be on Criminal minds I will be finding...
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Why would you fire the heart and soul of this show. You won't need the writer when people stop watching. I have been a loyal fan from the beginning and some very important people have left but this is it. RIP Criminal Minds I am done. You fired the wrong one. A lot of others feel the same way. .
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I was in agreement with the 2 episode suspension of Thomas Gibson for his recent behavior.I think if someone came up behind me that I had just argued with and they were an ex-fighter with martial arts I would have a knee *** reaction too. I don't think he should have been fired, just severe discipline. First Shemar, now Thomas. This show is dead in the water now. I can't watch it happen. I'm very sad because this is my all time favorite show. I...
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what is wrong with the shows lately you all know its not going to be the same without shemar moore I know I wont watch again I just watch my soaps now on that station and blue bloods please don't change them I have been watching the same soaps sense they both started allthought you canceled one of the best soaps ever I still watch the bold and beautifull and young and restless please don't take those off I'm over 55tplus we need the derek morgan...
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You are making a very big mistake taking Criminal Minds off the air. Its one of the most informing programs on the air that's why it has lasted so long. Just because Morgan left the show is no reason to cancel the show. The public does not agree and I thought we were the ones that count. CBS is going to suffer over this a lot. Please reconsider your decision. You wont be sorry! But you will if you don't I love all the characters. They all...
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  • Odd couple
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  • Super girl
I'm tired of not being able to hear the dialogue on the tv shows on CBS and this has been going on for so long that they have to know about it and choose not to do anything to fix it.Therefore, I'm going to quit CBS. That means giving up a few of my favorite shows but it also means I have taken a stand for something I care about. I've tried writing them and I've tried emails, both a waste of my energy. They obviously can't hear what I'm saying.
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