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Big brother, the round trip ticket, what a ***, ***, twist, it was never used, and we should have got to see one the evictees get a chance to return and play, obviously they were prepared for that to happen, and now it has not, what a let down, "expect the unexpected" my ***, i am so upset about this, frank, tiffany, bridget, and now paulie, all could've had a second chance, im soooooo disappointed.
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The show is almost entirely rigged, there is no doubt the HOH and POV comps are all rigged plus there twists throw in to always save the favorite house guest/s so there in danger of going home anytime soon CBS's big brother's isn't a game show but more of a lame childish show many of the house guests are not there to play for the half milllon dollars anymore but to either win AFP and / or just to get to jury. The producers are lame and keep...
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