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"People are mad at the wrong people, we should be annoyed with the insurance companies. They should have to pay for the drugs" 8/24/16 The drug company is issuing coupons to reduce the cost of the drug 8/25/16 8/26/16 the drug company will give a discount to needy people FACTS: The epi pen is being sold at $600 and costs them $2.00 The majority of uses are children (adults can use a syringe) Coupons will expire and the price increase will not.... Read more

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Cbs is a politicaly biased lying machine. Mike pence had the right question. Hillary Clinton foundation.In which you are too afraid to touch because it is so criminal ,full of murders and who committed them. You changed the question to Trump taxes.( REALLY) Grow your washington correspondent.You only ask her questions she tells uou to ask.She owns you and America knows it.You are worse than CNN.TedTurner will Burn.Question is are you... Read more

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  • Aug 22
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Big brother is below the cbs Standard of quality tv this Steaming pile should not air Before 2 am and not numbers times each week Please no more

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I think it's a total mistake for you to cancel limitless season two. The movie was sub par but the series is extraordinary. Why you would decide to cancel such a series, is beyond me. It's the only movie turned tv series I've come across that actually is entertaining. I think you're making an incredible mistake by cancelling it. But what do I know? I'm just the consumer. My opinion must mean *** to you. Read more

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Big brother, the round trip ticket, what a ***, ***, twist, it was never used, and we should have got to see one the evictees get a chance to return and play, obviously they were prepared for that to happen, and now it has not, what a let down, "expect the unexpected" my ***, i am so upset about this, frank, tiffany, bridget, and now paulie, all could've had a second chance, im soooooo disappointed Read more

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I am a 68 year old male and a big fan of CBS Tv. with that in mind my favorite show is Criminal Minds. I have watched this show from the beginning. I am aware when stars leave after there contrac is over but I am not happy when one leaves without there reason. I am talking about Thomas Gibsen. I will not watch another episode unless you bring him back. I know I am only one viewer and you might be saying to yourself big deal he is only one... Read more

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I can't believe you fired Thomas Gibson. Why don't you let the two hash it out in civil court. Don't fire your leading man. Everybody makes mistakes. I know CBS sure does make a lot of mistakes. My husband and I will not watch Criminal Minds again. I don't like the way you play with people lives. I think the loss of two main actors will hurt your show anyway. I feel sorry for the shows remaining actors. I also get so tired of CBS running shows... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900303

Just read thomas gibson let go how could you do that he is the back bone of that show guess myself and alot of people will bave to boycot that show whoever he had the altercation should let it go and so should you I watch that show and all the reruns all the time and all the people who are in that show make it what it is the best please reconsider

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The only reason I watch CBS is because of Criminal Minds! I have been watching that show since the beginning. Firing Thomas Gibson will be a fatal mistake! Huge mistake for CBS! I want to point out what happened to CSI when Gil left the show...killed it! The same thing for the number one watch show, Criminal Minds will happen too. Your ratings will drop dramatically! And if Criminal Minds is cancelled I may have to show up to kick the producer... Read more

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I'm not sure what is in at cbs at this time, but if they continue on this path there going to lose a lot of fans. First you take Shemar Moore off of criminal minds which was a horrible idea. Then Michael weatherly leaves ncis to start another show for cbs, and now because he was human and lost his temper you went from suspending Tom Gibson which was understandable to firing him. I have to say as much as I've loved the show since season one and... Read more

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